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Blackhead Remover Kit - 10 Pcs.
Blackhead Remover Kit - 10 Pcs.

Blackhead Remover Kit - 10 Pcs.

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  • Blackhead remover kit blemish remover kit: The professional hygienic stainless needles won't cause sensitivity issues and works on all types of skin and keeps your skin away from an injection.
  • Stop popping with dirty fingers: Precision sharp needles with a comfortable handle at getting straight to the point without damaging pores. You will not have to worry about scarring, redness, or any sensitivity issues with high-quality anti-slip tools! 2Equipped with 10 extractors instruments like pullers and pushers which can easily remove blackheads, comedowns, acne an
  • Antibacterial coating: Electroplate stainless steel is rust-free, corrosion-free, and made specifically to stay germ-free to prevent infection. Simply clean with alcohol before and after to maintain cleanliness!
  • Targets problem areas without causing unnecessary redness, irritation, or damage to your skin.
  • Perfect to store in your bathroom mirror, travel case, or makeup bag to manage pesky breakouts.d other facial impurities. Removes all blemishes if used correctly.